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Creating a new user is a bit more complicated but still manageable in less than a minute. Create a new record in users table and populate: user_login, user_pass (hashed, using the MD5 function described above) and user_email. All other fields can remain empty; they don’t matter. Save the new record. Once saved, MySQL will give it a unique ID. It’s the number in the ID field. Remember it.

Now go to _usermeta table. Remember, the table’s prefix has to be the same as the users’ one. For instance wp_users and wp_usersmeta. If the prefix is not the same, you’re editing the wrong table (of some other WP installation) and the new account won’t work. We’ll create two new records. Ignore the umeta_id field for both of them. Set user_id field to the value you just remembered (the new ID value in users table). For the first record set meta_key to wp_user_level and meta_value to 10. For the second one meta_key to wp_capabilities and meta_value to a:1:{s:13:"administrator";b:1;}. Save both. You’re done – login!